The Tools and the Stuff - Rambling Shadows

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RAMBLING SHADOWS: The Tools and the Stuff

. . . and due to rabid demand, here are three (technically four) Tools tracks in their entirety:
Nude >> What's Coming

My Little Mule

Shading a Dream

Some rare stuff (for all the fans):
Bucket Dropping Time

When you're fishing for shit . . .

These from the Davis White era:
Rhythms of Heaven

It was really funny until it wouldn't leave our heads.

Troubles in the Barnyard
more livestock-oriented material

Beauty Queen
It's another thing to think about.

CPU (Crippled Pilgrims Unlimited) - 1986-ish
Basically just Jay and Scott screwing around on one of those old TASCAM 4-tracks

Two Worlds
The generous cocaine dealer in apartment #3B is not necessarily your good friend.

Something About a Wheelbarrow
The guys at Parasol/Reaction didn't seem too impressed.

The Girl Song
more blow-fueled frenzy

Jesus and Sheep
courtesy of Bushmill's Irish Whiskey

Salt Diamond Mine (recorded 1990 - 92)
Brian Tate-vocals; Scott Wingo-guitar; Brian Reardon-bass on "Blindman's Whorehouse"; Tattoo Mike-bass on "Hi-Gear" and "Swell Hell"; Malik Tate (no relation to Brian)-drums on "Blindman's Whorehouse" and "Hi-Gear"; Jamie Parker-drums on "Swell Hell"
Blindman's Whorehouse
This is the one that scared Charlie Steck away.

Born at the same hour and at the same Falls Church shopping mall as the semi-legendary "(I've Got My) Steak in a Sack"

Swell Hell
He pulled into town on a dead horse. (Check out the shameless fret-tapping guitar solo!)

Jamie Famie and the Famie Five (old-world valor)
Jamie Famie-vocals, kazoo, drums; Scott Wingo-guitar, vocals; Marky Darky-vocals; Jack Nurmi-vocals

Scotty's Adventures in the Sewer
Based on true-life adventures! Covered by Rak Shiva (Lynn Buchannan, Dot Steck, Kiki Walker, Fatimah Balbed, and Vivian Vanprate) for their one and only live performance (DC Space '87 or '86--somewhere around there) and meticulously rehearsed by Jay Moglia at the Yuma Street compound (back in Jay's whiskey drinking days).

Scotty Makes Me
an exploration of sibling-induced hell on Earth.

The Barn Door
"The Five" give the Stones a serious run for the money.

(more to come . . . )

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